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"To prove that we made a feature for under $1000?"

While certainly that's part of the reason...when we started out we committed to continuously pursuing our dream of making films until we had "made it," and to make them in a smart way that maximized our investments. We are artists and we are in business, the two are not mutually exclusive...

...There is a crucial missing key word in that guess "quality." We wanted to prove that we could make a quality film for under $1000. A quality story with quality acting & quality production.

Judging by the response our movie has generated, we earned the "Q" word.


And the answer to the $932 question? Vegasland. We'd love to go on for pages about the film, but won't for two reasons. First, we'd like the movie to speak for itself (and think it does so forcefully). But the more important reason is that we're not here to talk about the movie already done

...we want to talk to you about our next film.


When Ken and I started out on this road we threw out a number, 50. That's how many films we were set to complete in this pursuit. Our wives, having the patience of Job, helped us formulate that number. While we are still short of it we know we're doing something right as we get more and more attention for our movies.

We're ready to take it to the next level and that's where you come in...get ready for White Lie, a new comedy by the Yuzzi Brothers and Wild Dog FIlms.

...and; "where do I come in?" you ask...

As we see it, there are two ways that we can make our next project come to life with your help:

  1. Either we sell enough copies of Vegasland to fund White Lie, or...
  2. We connect with someone in the industry who has a certain measure of influence or ability to help.

If you support the independent forces in the world of art, the little guys with the dreams and the drive, AND you want to check out a completely riveting drama set in the seedy underworld of Vegasland, please purchase a copy on amazon.com for just $18.99. All proceeds go to the budget of White Lie and to continuing our dream of making movies.

Click here for Good Karma and a Good Flick!

If you are a producer, director, or person of influence in the film industry, we'd like to invite you to take a look at Vegasland to see what we did for $932 and read our script for our latest comedy project "White Lie." Would you like to accompany us on this next journey? We have the desire, the dicipline, the talent, and the proven ability to do a lot with a little. All we need now is for someone to believe and give us a chance.

We are waiting to hear from you.




Taken from the Hebrew word for power, "uzzi," Yuzzi Brothers are Ken Lamug and Tom Vosicky.

Two guys, friends, fathers, and brothers in our hearts with a common dream of doing everything we can, present economy be damned, to become the real filmmakers that we know we can be, and to support our families doing it.

This is our pursuit and we are closing in on it with a vengence.

In the words of Jack London, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."

We are Yuzzi.

Are you Z?


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Vegasland is a damned solid film tha would definitely please those of you who are interested in the crime genre and want something a little more down to earth and realistic than what hollywood is giving us these days. - The Movies Made Me Do it

Support Independent Filmmaking

please purchase a copy on amazon.com for just $18.99